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Impacting lives through technology

AKRA HEALTH provides Telehealth portal services connecting patients to specialized physicians , nurses , medical experts through “ON DEMAND” online video consultation anytime anywhere. Our patient-centered solution approach ensures data privacy protection over cloud to ensure Patient have control of their health medical records and information is based on digital consent standards, blockchain identity, and blockchain audit. This enables each patient to own and completely control their health records within a secure environment and enable communication across various healthcare providers, pharmacies, Medical Associations, Clinics and other healthcare institutions seamlessly.

We Care About Your Health
  • Maintain Patient and Related Family Members Health Information.
  • Allow Users to Create Profiles for as many family members as needed.
  • Keep your medical history in one place, under your control.
  • Provide or Remove access to your medical history to medical providers of your choice.
  • Ensure accuracy of information communicated by patients.
  • Keep track of prescription information for yourself and family members.
  • Ensure vital allergy and other health conditions are known your new physician.
  • Eliminate the need for you to walk down to click for medical consultation.


Keep your medical history in one place, secure and managed under your control


Stay organized and check in your doctor appointments through our Telemedicine App


Maintain growth charts, Immunization Tracking, Vaccine Information and much more


Manage your Medications, Supplements , Doctor encounters, List of Issues & Allergies etc..


Store all your medical records through secure block-chain and access data anywhere anytime.


A completely integrated electronic health record to manage your health information

What We Do Best

  • Pediatric features

    Best In Services

Pediatric features

Growth charts , Immunization tracking, Well child check documentation, Vaccine information Sheet printouts.

  • Easy Appointments

    Best In Services

Easy Appointments

Schedule appointments online with the provider & Automatic appointment reminders via email or SMS

  • Patient Charts

    Best In Services

Patient Charts

Features List of Active issues , Medication, Supplements, Allergies , Encounters etc

  • Forms & Reports

    Best In Services

Forms & Reports

Personalized electronic patient forms , automated task reminder and alert system.          

  • Documentation

    Best In Services


Health supplements & Vaccine documentation and inventory tracking, create tags for encounters and messages